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Become a Barefoot Doctor

Training is open to 25 pre-registered people

September 13, 2014, Surfer's Medical Association will be doing a one Day Training for non medical surfers. Training is for surfers and water people to learn basic life saving medical techniques and methods that can be utilized to save lives at beach or ocean side, until licensed and certified medical people arrive...

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Masterclass in Surfing Medicine

"Surfers Academy": Health symposia for Surfers by medical professionals


September 13, 2014, This year the EASD is organizing their 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine, themed “Taking Surfing Medicine to Extremes”, and it will be held at one of Europe’s premier big wave surfing spots, Mullaghmore, on the North-West coast of Ireland...

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SMA 2014

Become a Barefoot Doctor

September 13, 2014, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Where: San Carlos Beach and Grass area (Near Coast Guard Station and Breakwater, off Rec. Trail)
Who: Training is open to 25 pre-registered people

Register at On the Beach Surf Shop or Sunshine Freestyle Surf Shop OR email

OR register online at and use paypal. Cost: $50.00 per person.

PayPal Instruction: Have a copy of the PayPal payment confirmation for the registration.

Includes copy of Surf Survival, The Surfer's Health Handbook. Also included:

SMA hat


SMA Barefoot Doctor Certificate


1. SMA Barefoot Doctor history, SMA swag and Surf Survival Book.
2. Surf Survival book, important pages and sections
3. CPR, brief overview. (Beach Activity)
4. Using board and leash as life saving devices (Water based activity)
5. Duct Tape and emergency use
6. Calling 911
7. Medical kits for the surf vehicle.
8. Short medical history if possible
9. Relay info to medical personnel

Dr. Neal Harris, Erik Landry, Sunny Smith, Bill Jones, Chip Dory, Richard Fontana, Michael Allen, Jeannie Juliano-Alexander

Masterclass in Surfing Medicine: "Surfers Academy"

September 13, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
This year the EASD is organizing their 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine, themed “Taking Surfing Medicine to Extremes”, and it will be held at one of Europe’s premier big wave surfing spots, Mullaghmore, on the North-West coast of Ireland.
Medical specialists from all over the world will gather to lecture, share their experiences, and deliver Masterclasses. In 2014, we have experts in extreme surfing and outdoor medicine including: wilderness and expedition medicine specialist Dr. Karina Oliani from Brazil; Hawaiian Pipeline Masters doctor and co-author of “Surf Survival” Dr. Clayton Everline from the USA; big wave surfer, lifeguard, and paramedic Peter Conroy from Ireland; pre hospital care specialists Dr Wanscher & Dr Steen Barnung.
Aside from the “extreme topics”, general medical topics relevant to everyday practice will be covered as well, like skin, ENT, eyes/ophthalmology, nutrition, injury and prevention (including a Specialist Surf Physiotherapy Masterclass), lifeguarding, psychiatry, addiction, and so on. The list is endless …
Masterclass in Surfing Medicine
We introduce the masterclass in Surfing Medicine; The Masterclass brings people together with enhanced interest in certain topics. Why not consider creating a ‘Task Force’ with other interested individuals with the aim of developing the evidence-base and creating projects – from scientific research work to social initiatives for surfers and their communities – just what the surfing (medicine) world has been waiting for!
We hope your Masterclass will act as a seedling, the fruit of which will be an emerging evidence-base for surfing medicine in all its facets.
As always, apart from the educational value, UEMS/EACCME accreditation (17 CME Credits) has been applied for, there will be ample time to chase waves, explore the beautiful Irish countryside, or take surf lessons for those who have yet to experience that feeling that only a surfer knows! We hope to paddle out with you on Mullaghmore head to celebrate life and Surfing Medicine!

For Tickets and Registration.

Check out the Lecture Schedule of the Conference

Check out the Conference Video


Aloha, G’Day, Bula, Hola and Konichiwa to all,

SMA is alive and well with lots of events happening, as well as several successful conferences that happened in the first half of the 2014 year. As I write, we have the Tavarua Conference going on and it is filled with great surf, excellent presentations and discussions and happy faces of the participants.
The third SMA Galapagos Conference happened in late March and early April this year and was again a super success and adventure. Look for information soon on the website about the next Galapagos Conference in March 2015.
On September 13, 2014 in Monterey CA at San Carlos Beach, SMA will hold a “Barefoot Doctor” training for non medical surfers and water people. This is a return to SMA’s roots of getting medical help and assistance at the waterside until trained medical personnel arrive. Check the website for more information or contact SMA Central.
Medical student, Niyati Mamtora, contacted SMA Central about doing research in regards to the cultures of medicine and surfing. She wants to interview surfing medicos and gather research information that will be shared with SMA. Check the Facebook Page for further details.


Many thanks to our Board of Kahunas for their help and input. A huge thank you to website wizard, Richard Fontana, for all his work and insight.
Warm water and tasty waves to you,
Bill Jones, Executive Director SMA


October 5th to 12th, 2014


Openings are available for our annual European conference, in the south of France. This is one of our most fun events; we always get great waves, great food and great wine, plus we party every night. This conference always attracts some of our most energetic members who attend regularly.

Get more info in the - Conferences page - and then send in your deposit "tout de suite!"


October 2014

Exotic Surfing/Medical Conference. Hot Cases In Emergency Medicine CME Spice Islands



Bookings are closing by end of August as the boat fills up with non ED people.

Go to SPICE ISLANDS: October 2014 (13 days)

Get more info in the - Conferences page-

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We are from G-Land Joyo's Camp would like to cooperate with your Association we have special offer for Surfing Doctors who want to have Surftrip of a Lifetime this year, our opening season April - October 2013 Doctors who will have benefits fo 50% charge from normal rates. - Please check our video

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Conference Speaker Bill Jones dropping in!

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