Happy seasonal changes to both hemispheres. In “Cen Cal” we are just starting to get some winter swells, so life at SMA Central is getting busy. So here is a rundown of SMA news.

The online journal of Surfing Medicine, edited by Dr. Andrew Nathanson is up and reading for your reading. You can access it on the website (journal tab) or www.surfingmedicine.com. We are also looking for research and articles for the next issue. Many Thanks to Andrew.

The Galapagos conference, March 22 to April 6 still has a few openings, but act fast. Contact SMA Central

The 2013 Galapagos and Tavarua conferences were real successes with superb waves, great presentations and lots of SMA aloha.

The SMA Board of Kahunas was developed (check website section) as the needs of 21st century technology, social media and organizations makes a Board a necessity. Become more active in the SMA.

SMA and other surfing medical groups (European Association of Surfing Doctors, Waves of Health, Surfing Doctors and others) are working closely to develop inter organizational conferences and events. We will have some big news coming soon on an event in 2015.

Do yourself a favor and make the SMA website your home page so you can stay up on all that is happening.

Please send me a surfing picture of yourself and we will shamelessly post it for several weeks so you can tell your family, friends and surf buds.

Till next time, warm water and tasty waves to you.

Bill Jones SMA Executive Director


Partnership with

Michael Allen and the “Tao of Surfing.”

SMA is proud to announce a partnership with Michael Allen and the:

Tao of Surfing”

Michael has his master’s degree in philosophy, is a Wilderness Medicine First Responder, Boy Scouts of America Assistant Scoutmaster, surf team coach, board member of the Santa Cruz Scholastic Surf League, author of Tao of Surfing: Finding Depth at Low Tide, and co-Producer /co-Screenwriter along with Alex Carig to Tao of Surfing, the full length feature film, directed by Lou Diamond Phillips, currently in production.

Tao of Surfing web site
IMDB web movie site

Tao of Surfing is not only a socially relevant film, meant to inspire and help heal the world, but through the Taoist aspects being presented in the film, displaying our inescapable relationship to nature (and to the ocean), Tao of Surfing is also a Green film that will continue to bring social consciousness on a global scale about our need to care for each other and the earth in which we live.

Michael is seeking finishing funds to complete this incredible film. They filmed half of the movie this last February around Monterey Bay and for those potential investors, there is a trailer available upon request.

If you are interested in this project

Contact either of the following:

Michael Allen directly: michael@taoofsurfing.com

SMA Central: Email us

Ned Hearn, Entertainment Attorney for Tao of Surfing: nedhearnml@aol.com

Online fundraising

We just launched Indiegogo for Tao of Surfing to get crowd funding, what an ingenious idea, small contributions from the masses who love to support films like this. We have only 30 days to raise as much as we can. Online fundraising

Tao of Surfing on Facebook.

The Facebook Page

Invitation from EASD

- This is an official invitation from our "brothers and sisters" in the EASD. This is a great conference to attend. There are several speakers who are SMA members and lots of great topics. SMA and EASD are working and planning a World Conference in December, 2015 and we will have more info after this conference in Sagres.– Sagres 2013 -Please check our short 15min video-

- A year has passed since our gathering in Sagres. Memories of a great congress are still in our minds. This first event has created a whole new Nexus of surfing doctors and AHW, leading to new knowledge and science in Surfing Medicine. Now, the EASD represent almost every country in Europe and we are strongly connected to the Surfing Doctors in the USA and Australia.

- The EASD is in the process of preparing the 2nd Conference and we wanted to express one more time our gratitude for your work and afford which led to this great success of the Founding Conference. This year we have prepared some exiting topics and world known lecturers, which will create more, state of art input and take us one more step further in our quest for better health for the surfing community. Furthermore we are in the privileged position to welcome top representatives of the SMA (Surfers medical association), of the Surfingdocotors and Waves of health on our event, making this event a global meeting point for the topics of Surfing Medicine. One of the EASD primary goals is to stay connected with our colleagues and friends, creating a firm and big community of MD. See you in the water…

The Board of the EASD

The European Association of Surfing Doctors

Latest news and Headline

Conferences 2014


BIARRITZ: October 5th to 12th, 2014


Openings are available for our annual European conference, in the south of France. This is one of our most fun events; we always get great waves, great food and great wine, plus we party every night. This conference always attracts some of our most energetic members who attend regularly.

Get more info in the - Conferences page - and then send in your deposit "tout de suite!"

SPICE ISLANDS: October 2014

Exotic Surfing/Medical Conference. Hot Cases In Emergency Medicine CME Spice Islands



Bookings are closing by end of August as the boat fills up with non ED people.

Go to SPICE ISLANDS: October 2014 (13 days)

Get more info in the - Conferences page-

TAVARUA: June 28-July 5 2014

The longest standing surfing medical conference in the world! Now in its 27th year at Tavarua, Fiji. A one week gathering of surfers, medicos of all sorts, families and friends.

Get more info in the - Conferences page-

Other News

Work at G-land

We are from G-Land Joyo's Camp would like to cooperate with your Association we have special offer for Surfing Doctors who want to have Surftrip of a Lifetime this year, our opening season April - October 2013 Doctors who will have benefits fo 50% charge from normal rates. - Please check our video

Support the Surfers Medical Association

Please take a look at our store as well have several new SMA products, several types of shirts, books, flash drives and soon, SMA towels. We appreciate your continued support of the Surfers Medical Association.

Conference Speaker Bill Jones dropping in!

Go to "The European Association of Surfing Doctors" (EASD)

Be Involved

Anyone with any involvement in health-care or surfing is welcome to join the Association and participate in its conferences, village projects and other activities. - JOIN SMA / RENEW MEMBERSHIP or Help Us with a donation.