Beran Island

Beran Island is an island atoll in the Marshall Islands.  The island was pretty much uninhabited and unheard of until Martin Daly noticed a series of predominately right handers firing off the atoll.  The waves are described as everything from “gentlemen/women” waves to smoking barrels.

Martin Daly is one of the founders and owners of this island.  You may know Martin as the owner of the renowned surf charter business in the Mentawais, the Indies Trader.  Hence, the reason, the Indies Trader 2 is now in the Marshalls!

The island is about 45 acres and has a beautiful newly built property on the island.  Guests can also stay on the MV Indies Trader 2. The island is fully equipped with everything from boats to jet skis to your very own chef.

“Most people try to make comparisons to Martin’s greatest discovery, the Mentawai Islands.  The surf in the Marshall’s gets as good as anything in the Mentawais on the better days.  We don’t get the oily calm conditions as often (though it does happen), but the swell is comparable in consistency and size.  The trade winds blow from the last week in November usually the end of March.  The wind blows East to North East (for the Rights) and a bit less rarely from the South East (for the lefts).  As a result the wind is pretty well always offshore or side offshore. The kiters and wind surfers rate the Marshall’s as possibly the best surfing location in the world.  During the season, average wind speed is usually 15-20kt range.” 

We welcome you to visit Beran Island.

And the password is….SSSSH…. “askmartin


Happy Surfing!

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