• The Heart and Soul of SMA Tavarua- Paula and Ward Smith

    The members of the Surfers Medical Association celebrate the life of Ward Smith and carry the Smith family in our hearts. A remembrance shared by […]

  • Tavarua 2023

    Tavarua Trip Recap 2023 submitted by Dr. Brian Sturgill, conference coordinator Tavarua holds a certain mystique that is unlike other surf destinations.  It’s a special […]

  • Doc Bob’s Makaha surf condo for sale

    Old timer SMA member Dr Bob Speers is giving first dibs to SMA members for his Makaha Surf Condo for sale. This 1 bedroom condo […]

  • A small slice of one Australian’s memories of the SMA
  • 2022 in review

    Greetings surf medicos!   Seems like a good time for a recap on what happened with the Surfer’s Medical Association in 2022 and what’s planned for […]

  • A Surfing Life

    William “Bill” H. Jones, PhD. EMT A seventy year old looks at 58 years of surfing and how surfing has changed for me, physically, medically […]

  • Boat surfing in Sumba The unexpected is the most enjoyable: By Stephen Titus

     Boat surfing in Sumba  The unexpected is the most enjoyable  In August 2019 six of us – Tony Bannon, Craig Leggat, Paul Bannon, Numa Miller, […]

  • Congrats to our own Margie Donlon


  • Praying for Sunny

    We are very sad to hear of Sunny Garcia ending up in the ICU after a suicide attempt.  Many surfers suffer from depression and anxiety. […]

  • Drains to Ocean: Doing Good

    Seth Matson, founder of the upcoming Reduce Reuse Recycle Surf Off in Huntington Beach is getting creative with Drains to Ocean collecting debris and creating […]