• Tavarua 2023

    Tavarua Trip Recap 2023 submitted by Dr. Brian Sturgill, conference coordinator Tavarua holds a certain mystique that is unlike other surf destinations.  It’s a special […]

  • Doc Bob’s Makaha surf condo for sale

    Old timer SMA member Dr Bob Speers is giving first dibs to SMA members for his Makaha Surf Condo for sale. This 1 bedroom condo […]

  • A small slice of one Australian’s memories of the SMA
  • 2022 in review

    Greetings surf medicos!   Seems like a good time for a recap on what happened with the Surfer’s Medical Association in 2022 and what’s planned for […]

  • A Surfing Life

    William “Bill” H. Jones, PhD. EMT A seventy year old looks at 58 years of surfing and how surfing has changed for me, physically, medically […]

  • Boat surfing in Sumba The unexpected is the most enjoyable: By Stephen Titus

     Boat surfing in Sumba  The unexpected is the most enjoyable  In August 2019 six of us – Tony Bannon, Craig Leggat, Paul Bannon, Numa Miller, […]

  • Congrats to our own Margie Donlon


  • Praying for Sunny

    We are very sad to hear of Sunny Garcia ending up in the ICU after a suicide attempt.  Many surfers suffer from depression and anxiety. […]

  • Drains to Ocean: Doing Good

    Seth Matson, founder of the upcoming Reduce Reuse Recycle Surf Off in Huntington Beach is getting creative with Drains to Ocean collecting debris and creating […]

  • South Korea’s new wave pool

    South Korea’s new wave pool Located in Siheung, South Korea.  It will be the world’s largest wave pool and include an artificial beach that will be […]