Video Lectures

surfing focused medical vids

Check out our surfing-focused medical lectures by Andrew Schmidt, DO, MPH. Andrew is an emergency medicine physician at the University of Florida Jacksonville, a 15-year veteran ocean lifeguard, the founder and current director of Lifeguards Without Borders, and a member of the Surfer’s Medical Association.

treating life threatening allergic reactions on-site

A quick overview of the recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis in a pre-hospital setting includes definition, initial resuscitation, IV fluids, and more.

critical moments in victim care

Initial treatment of a drowning victim A response to the treatment of Maya Gabeira covers basic drowning treatment for surfers. collaborative effort by Lifeguards Without Borders and the European Association of Surfing Doctors.

key points to know during drowning resuscitation

Initial pre-hospital treatment of a drowning patient. How to do the most amount of good in the first five minutes when treating the drowning patient.

Our COnferences


Earn CMEs while surfing abroad

We understand that spending a day inside a classroom can be draining. That’s why our conferences work differently than the average medical conference. We offer our members a conference experience that allows you to enjoy surfing, foster new friendships and colleagues, and learn from each other. We don’t subject our attendees to long, tedious lectures. Instead, we allow each member to present on medical topics in the evenings over dinner or in a group setting. This allows for an open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Become a SMA member and join us for an unforgettable experience while surfing abroad. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to combine your love for medicine and adventure. Sign up for a SMA conference today!

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