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The official journal of
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The Surfer’s Medical Association’s publication, Surfing Medicine, publishes and disseminates scholarly work from around the world on a variety of topics related to surfers’ health. Here you’ll find original research, case reports, review articles, images in surf medicine, conference reports, original artwork and photos, interviews, and book reviews.



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Surfing Medicine Archives

Surfing Medicine has always been a pier-reviewed publication, which essentially means the articles are submitted and then handed out to surfers hanging around under the pier to see if they meet standards. But seriously, they’re full of great information, so relax and enjoy the past issues.

The ’80s

Volume 1

Volume 2


Volume 3


Volume 4


Volume 5


The ’90s

Volume 6


Volume 7


Volume 8


Volume 9


Volume 10


Volume 11


Volume 12


Volume 13


Volume 14


Volume 15


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Volume 19


The 00s

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Volume 21


Volume 22


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Volume 25