Surfing Wilderness First Aid Training

For the first time, our West Coast Director Michael Allen taught the “Barefoot Doctor” course to middle-school children (usually an adult class).
The first day of training was held at the Boys & Girls Club in Santa Cruz, California. 
The focus was to train these children to be safe, to recognize potential emergency signs, to help themselves, and help others in case of a medical emergency.
Michael managed to get a high school student who was already specializing in special effects makeup. Sofie Del Valle prepared some incredibly realistic wounds to showcase to the students which assisted in the hands’on training.
Michael worked with the Unit Director of the Boys & Girls Club Jennifer Sherry to set up the classroom for the initial indoor training which included an overhead projector, and plenty of tables and seating.
The class topics were broken down as follows: 
– Part 1: Preventative Medicine – Knowing How to Keep Safe
– Part 2: Medical Emergencies
– Part 3: Medical Kit hands-on Training
– Part 4: Mental Health and Fitness
– Part 5: Water rescue training
All children received custom built medical kits to have with them everywhere they go. This course was to give them the tools and confidence to stay calm in case of an emergency, and help another person with basic first aid.
The second day of training focused on water rescue: helping to rescue a conscuous or unconscious victim, getting them onto your board, and getting them safetly to shore. The class also included using a leash as a tourniquet in the rare instance that applied pressure is not working.
Michael said, “It was a delight teaching these children of the Santa Cruz – Pleasure Point Surf Club and I hope this will become an annual course for them. While these children fall in love with the ocean, we want them to always be safe, to be able to help themselves and help others in case of an emergency.”

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