Siargao Island Update

SMA Members, Mary Showstark, Ben Abo, and Melissa Oliver went to Siargao Island to perform a needs assessment on the current medical care system.  They met with the locals, the health care center, the police department, the coast guard, the hospital, as well as with the resort board STOA and the surf instructors association, SISA and the local mayor.

The team assembled and created a plan of action for the island from simple educational pamphlets, to running multiple BLS training sessions educating everyone from resort staff to surf instructors to refreshing the coast guard.

SMA also purchased two AED’s to donate to the health center and the Cloud 9 first responders.  They also trained everyone on how to use the AED.

The members are working on side-car motorcycle ambulances and educational awareness on stopping the bleeding, basic wound care, head injury awareness, CPR, and speed zones and much more.

Stay tuned for more information.

If you’d like to get involved, donate supplies, or help them on the project, please contact


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