RIP Adam “BIFF” D’Esposito: GoFundMe for Adam’s Family

It is with a heavy heart that we share that our Brother, Son, Father and Friend, Adam “Biff” D’Esposito, is no longer with us.

Many of you know that Adam was reported missing in Mexico a few weeks ago. As much as we all hoped and prayed for a different outcome, God had another plan.

We now have to face the unimaginable realities of the next steps…

Adam touched so many people and we saw this through the outpouring of support over social media, phone calls and messages, we cannot thank you enough for that support. The power of love was shining bright through each and every one in Adam’s life.

We are setting up a Go Fund Me Page to help the D’Esposito Family get through this incredibly trying and emotional time.

The contributions from this page will be dedicated to helping this beautiful family move forward and help take care of Adam’s little girl, Annabella, who is 6 years old.

The donations will aid in the following:

The transportation of Adam from Mexico to the USA.

Adam’s Memorial Service (we anticipate a large turnout of people to come to remember Biff!)

Flying out his little girl Annabella and Adam’s girlfriend Debbie, who is Annabella’s Mom, from New Jersey.

And lastly, set up a scholarship fund for Annabella.

Adam “Biff” will remain in our hearts forever. His smile will still light up our memories, his charisma never forgotten and his love for surfing will continue to inspire.

Again, thank you for all your love and support.

**All funds will go directly to Briana D’Esposito (sister of Adam). Briana will distribute the donations accordingly.

Adam- I took care of you after that shark attack.  You repaid me with Tahitian black pearls and even though I continuously said no to accepting them, you insisted.  They are my favorite piece of jewelry that I had made; and I forever think of you and your kindness.  I was always happy to see you.  Biff and Chez Biff.  You will be missed greatly. -Mary

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