“Surfing Remade in the Rockaways” in the NYT.

Check out this amazing article “Surfing Remade in the Rockaways” in the NYT.

The article highlights the changes in surfing over the years in the Rockaways, from Hurricane Sandy to the creation of the Black Surfing Association, and interviews the locals that make the Rockaways great. 



Check out Brian James’ memoir “The Nautical Negro”

About the author: Brian BJ James is something of a novelty in the nautical world he’s lived in for years, and believes he has a very unique story to tell. BJ, as he is known by most people around the beach, has traveled to many parts of the world from Jamaica to Hawaii, And shares with you in his book his deep feelings, and commitment to anything nautical, as well as documenting his progression and growth through this predominantly white male dominated world. After speaking with BJ about this Journey of his one can’t help but come away with the impression that as much as the boating, swimming, and surfing in these many places has meant to him, it’s the people he’s met along the way that has had the biggest impression, and indeed brings the biggest smile to his face. He simply loves people. If BJ has one short fall it’s trusting too many people, and considering everyone his friend. But if he wasn’t so open he wouldn’t be BJ, and he wouldn’t have so many great stories to share with us.- Amazon about the author


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