Surfing in India

An SMA Board Member is traveling through India and wanted to share their top picks.
So just to share, there are waves all year round in India.  They range from 3-8 feet. May-September is the season for bigger waves. Loads of surf is unchartered in India, in part, because it is darn hard to get to a lot of the breaks and signs aren’t accessible!  Also, in some of these remote areas, you must watch what you wear. Boardies and bikinis are not always acceptable, especially for women.  You must dress modest and respect the local culture.
Where else in the world can you surf being protected by Shiva?  Shivas is a break on the Arabian Sea at Murdeshwara.  Ten Thousand Peaks at the coast of South India at Maravanthe will make you think you time traveled to an empty San Diego.  Always at the southeast coast at Manapad Point is off the beaten track.  The locals can help you.  These are just a few but there are so many more. And we can’t forget the Andaman Islands, but in the midst of the green waters lies unsuspecting crocs-so beware.  The waters in India are clean and warm.  If you want crystal clear and warm, jet over to the Maldives for a quick vacay.  You must surf this part of the world.  It is the lost adventures of days past.  

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