Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean

Now, I read this story and I thought…well, first thought was holy s%*T.  Then the second thought was to share with you how important it is to make sure you have an emergency plan when you are on surf trips.  Brett Archibald was on a  surf trip in the Metawais when he fell overboard after getting  sick from eating some rancid food.  He spent 28 hours lost at sea with seagulls, sharks and jellyfish.  His story is incredible.  But it also reminds us to have a buddy system when we travel, and to make sure your surf mates are ok.  Remember to bring your own medical gear with you, stock up on electrolytes, and remember to familiarize yourself with your boat. Make sure you know where your 5 F’s are: flotation, flares, fire extinguisher, first aid, and f$*k# bucket are.  And always remember to tell someone if you are sick.

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