Fiji Scholarship

The SMA hosts conferences in Fiji, surfs at Tavarua, and helps with the local villages; but that’s not all, we also sponsor scholarships too.

Paula Smith is our longtime SMA Scholarship Overseer.  Paula has shared the accomplishments of Sireli Masi who has been a long time SMA scholarship recipient.  The SMA helped Sireli, from Nabila Village graduate from high school, then earn a bachelors degree, and now we are helping him earn his masters degree.  These are AMAZING accomplishments!

Here Sireli shared an email to the SMA:

Hope these  email find you in very good health and I just wish to update you and the SMA family on the progress of my studies here at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo, Japan.

1.      Masters Entrance Examination

I have successfully passed my Masters Entrance examination that was held on Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology on the 27th of December, 2017 as per the requirement of the University to be admitted to the Master Course Program at the Graduate School of Agriculture. That included an examination and Master’s thesis proposal. Please find attached is Master’s Entrance Examination Passing Certificate for your information.

2.      Japanese Language Proficiency

As per the requirement by the Japanese Government Scholarship to study Japanese language and culture for six months prior to pursuing to Master’s Program. Therefore I was registered under the Japanese Language Program from October, 2017 to March, 2018 and simultaneously I have completed the above course as per attached completion certificate. 

3.      Master’s Program at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

As of April this year I have registered Master’s student at the Laboratory of Plant Pathology under the Department of Biointeraction and Bioregulation of the Graduate School of Agriculture. Thus I will be under the guidance of Professor Tsutomu Arie carrying out research based on the “Establishment of Control Methods of Soil Borne Diseases of Taro (Colocasia esculenta) in Japan” and as well as registered courses under the Master’s Program.

Kindly submitted for your information and awareness. My warmest gratitude to you and the SMA family for enduring support!!

Warm Regards,


Congratulations Sireli.  We are very proud of you!


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